My Rating:  6.5 out of 10

Lucy – The “facts” from Wikipedia:

Lucy is a 2014 French action film directed, written and edited by Luc Besson, and produced by Besson and Europacorp. It was released on 25 July 2014.[2] The film was shot in Taipei, Paris and New York City. It stars Scarlett Johansson as the title character,[5] along with Morgan Freeman playing Professor Norman.

Lucy is a hard-partying, 25-year-old American woman living and studying in Taipei, Taiwan. She is tricked to work as a drug mule by her new boyfriend for his employer, a Korean gangster and drug lord named Mr. Jang. Lucy delivers a briefcase to Mr. Jang’s hotel room that is handcuffed to her wrist containing a highly valuable synthetic superdrug called CPH4 that can increase the user’s brain function capacity. The packaged drug is sewn into Lucy’s abdomen and that of others who will also transport the drug for sales in Europe. While in captivity, one of Lucy’s captors kicks her mercilessly in the stomach, causing the bag inside her to leak, releasing the brain-enhancing drug into her system. As a result, she begins acquiring increasingly powerful mental talents and enhanced physical capabilities, such as absorbing information instantaneously, telekinesis, mental time travel, and can choose not to feel pain or other discomforts, in addition to other abilities. With her superhuman powers growing, Lucy only has a short amount of time left to find the men responsible for her new-found powers and contacts a well-known scientist and doctor, Professor Norman, whose research may be the key to saving her.



The concept of the movie was great. Morgan Freeman, as always, a delight to watch in the movie. Scarlett, as per the script, became a walking talking computer that made Sheldon Cooper look like a love machine. While there was a lot of action in the movie as is typical for the director, it felt stiff and forced. The last 15 minutes of the movie were a disappointment and could have been made into an excellent 35 minutes if thought had been put into it.



The Leftovers

A new series on HBO, the Leftovers, had the potential to be an excellent show. The concept – 2% of the world’s population disappears on October 18th. No explanation, none. 3 years later, they still have no answer.

By the end of episode 1, I felt nothing more than down and depressed from the entire ambiance of the show and the characters themselves. They were all annoyed with each other, semi-suicidal in demeanor and boring. Sorry, this one’s a dud.


Transformers – Age of Extinction

Let’s begin with the positives.  Mark Wahlberg was a great choice to replace Shia LeBoeuf.  Mark is by far a better actor and has honed his skills in the action genre. His reactions are believable,  accepting them. There was continuous action that made the almost 3 hour film fly by.

Now the negatives. Your could have called this movie anything BUT Transformers. Michael Bay disposed of existing mythology and came up with a completely new one.  It was an utter fabrication so if you are expecting consistency and honoring story mythology, sorry.

Action: 7/10
Storyline: 2/10